Does PHRAZZES sound Greek to you?

Θυμάσαι την αγαπημένη σου παιδική ανάμνηση και εκείνο το ξεχωριστό όνομα που μόνο εσύ και οι παππούδες και οι γιαγιάδες σου χρησιμοποιούσατε; Που βρισκόταν εκείνη η οικογενειακή τοποθεσία διακοπών; Το όνομα των κατοικίδιών σου δεν ταίριαζε με την προσωπικότητά τους; Ποιο παιδί ήταν το πρώτο που θα σκόραρε στο μπέιζμπολ; Ποιανού η σκέψη σου φέρνει πάντα το χαμόγελο στο πρόσωπο; Θυμήσου εκείνο το αγαπημένο τραγούδι… τι αναμνήσεις.
Γρήγορα – ποιοι είναι οι 5 αγαπημένοι σου αριθμοί μεταξύ 1 και 59 και ο ξεχωριστός σου αριθμός μεταξύ 1 και 35;
Τώρα αρχίζεις να καταλαβαίνεις την διαφορά μεταξύ ενός εξελικτικού παιχνιδιού λοταρίας και ενός επαναστατικού παιχνιδιού PHRAZZES.
PHRAZZES-Κέρδισε με Συναίσθημα!

Hear for yourself how PHRAZZES will get you to listen.

Pick your language, or listen just for fun.






Why our Revolutionary New Idea can increase Lottery Sales.

All Lottery players wish for Lady Luck to smile on them, many playing meaningful numbers repeatedly hoping their odds of winning will increase.  What if they could play virtually ANY alphanumeric sequence of letters A through Z, numbers O through 9 and other symbols to play something REALLY meaningful to them?  They personally enter them on a touchscreen, smartphone or computer knowing that exact sequence is in the database of phrases that the winner or winners will be drawn from totally at random by computer. Give it a try now!

True Players’ Choice.

Players could play phrases as diverse as “@KatyPerry”, “#Love”, “JenniferLawrence”, “I Love Lucy”, “#23LeBron” and “8888”.  If they wanted to play their grandkids’ names, favorite NASCAR driver, team or spouse’s name might they be more interested in playing?  That DOES seem more fun and engaging than just numbers!

Depending on the game designed, there could be one or multiple winners every time drawn ONLY from the phrases played in that game.  Players will INSTANTLY know they have won if they see their LUCKY PHRASE appear on screen and of course they could be automatically notified via email or text.

Some Very Interesting Survey Results.

To assess the interest with current Lottery players and potential new players we conducted a Google survey with 536 respondents 18 and over giving it 95% credibility.  After reading a brief description of the Lottery game, 63% of current Lottery players said that they “would or might” play this new game, showing very significant interest and a high adoption rate.  And an ADDITIONAL 7.6% were people who said they did not play the Lottery but that they might now play this game!  It engages today’s players and attracts new players!

A Very Flexible Game Platform.

The concept includes options for games based on time limits for example ending every 15 minutes, at specific times or on specific dates like Christmas and other holidays.  Other possibilities are games that end and a winner is drawn when the Jackpot hits a certain dollar amount like $1000, $25,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 etc.  Additionally considered are games limited to a specifically defined number of players, number of PHRAZZE$ and specific denominations like $1, $2, $5, $10 and $25.

No Luck Required For Operators, no Risk Involved.

In all cases the State Lottery or other legal gaming jurisdiction would have no risk as the games would have normal payoff percentages.  A group of States as is the case with the Powerball could run a game with a fixed number of $1,000,000 winners, $100,000 winners, $50,000 winners and $10,000 winners as just one example.  Included with the concept is an option to activate a “George Carlin” list of inappropriate words, names and character strings that would be considered mean, rude, offensive, sexually explicit, etc.  Players would be told when they entered them on a terminal or approved mobile device that it is an ineligible entry and asked to please try a different one.

Great for Generations X and Y.

Lotteries are always on the lookout for something new to excite their players and bring in new players.  But many new games are really just slight changes to the current games.  Player demographics will change with Boomers aging, and Generation X and Y now in or moving into their peak earning years.  They grew up with computers in their daily lives and this fits their lifestyle.  They can enter and play exactly what they want to play.

PHRAZZE$ as a Disruptor?

PHRAZZES can truly be a disruptor and become very popular globally.  This is the age of what is described as “Mass Customization” where player choice rules!  We may be overstating it, but it IS POSSIBLE that the days of numbered balls are themselves numbered!

The current status of our Patent Application.

A Provisional Patent Application was filed on the Alphanumeric Lottery concept in November 2013, the Non-Provisional in May and subsequently a CIP as well.  Because we filed it Track One, we have now received our initial Office Action.  While much work remains to be done over the following months the overall impression from our Patent Attorney is “very positive”.

Bringing PHRAZZES to the Market.

Our business plan is to license the Intellectual Property to one of the leading vendors or manufacturers of Lottery games.  Our target companies are the largest in the world and include GTECH, Scientific Games and Intralot.

The Game Developers.

We have established Phrazzing Games, LLC and it is the Assignee of all IP rights to the Alphanumeric Lottery Game PHRAZZES.   Craig Sedoris and Gary Kadlec, as the inventors, are the Sole Members and Owners of this company.

NEW vs just Different.

We believe that while many things in the Lottery industry are different twists to some extent than other games in existence, it is only so often that something really new comes along.  There IS a difference between DIFFERENT and NEW.

PHRAZZE$.  The NEW Way to Play the Lottery!         



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