PHRAZZES Slot Game Update

Our Prototype PHRAZZE$ Slots game is still in a Beta testing stage so we apologize that it is not yet working correctly on smartphones, iPads and other devices like Surface.  There will be a Free App that should be on iTunes before we formally launch it at the big G2E Gaming Expo in Las Vegas…


Slots Non-Provisional Patent Application filed.

Following drafting and drawings a second Priority Track One US Patent application covering the Alphanumeric Slot game was filed with the Patent Office. This describes a unique slot game where for the first time the player chooses a phrase they want to play, the program creates multiple spinning reels containing only the characters in that…


A Prototype game developer is added to the team.

Andy Wollen, a very experienced game developer based in Connecticut, was contracted to develop Website, Facebook and iOS based prototypes of the PHRAZZES SLOTZZ slot game. This will enable players to experience this unique concept and provide valuable feedback before taking the gaming concept to Casino game manufacturers.

Second Provisional Patent Application filed.

Sedoris and Kadlec developed an Alphanumeric Slot game and again Matthew Schonauer of The Standley Law Group drafted and filed a second Provisional Patent Application on this concept.  That Pending Intellectual Property was Assigned to LC Gaming, LLC.  Sedoris and Kadlec are the Sole Members and Owners of that LLC.

LC Gaming, LLC Formed

Gary Kadlec and Craig Sedoris filed an Article of Organization in the State of Ohio. The new business is LC Gaming, LLC. The new company, based in Powell, Ohio is in the early development stages of a new series of Alpha Numeric Games. The date of the filing is April 21, 2014. For additional information…