Revolutionary Lottery Game PHRAZZES Allows Users to Play AlphaNumeric Phrases Like “@KatyPerry”, “#Love”, “Jennifer Lawrence”, “I Love Lucy”, “#23LeBron” and “8888”

Powell, OH – November, 3 2014 – Lottery Game Inventors Craig Sedoris and Gary Kadlec have developed and filed Patent Applications on novel AlphaNumeric Lottery game systems they call PHRAZZES. Lottery games worldwide have remained fundamentally unchanged forever. While they remain very popular, because the only choice is numbered balls, the majority of players simply…


PHRAZZES Slot Game Update

Our Prototype PHRAZZE$ Slots game is still in a Beta testing stage so we apologize that it is not yet working correctly on smartphones, iPads and other devices like Surface.  There will be a Free App that should be on iTunes before we formally launch it at the big G2E Gaming Expo in Las Vegas…


Meet us at G2E in Las Vegas

The biggest Gaming industry show, The Global Gaming Expo 2014, is again in Las Vegas September 30th through October 2nd. If you are going to be attending this year and would like to get together, we will be in and around the Expo Hall all 3 days. Please call us there at 844-PHRAZZES and we…


A series of Google Surveys are conducted.

Proof of Concept is challenging with any new gaming concept due to the necessary highly regulated nature of the industry. Sedoris and Kadlec prepared and completed six different surveys through Google. These surveys very briefly described this new game concept and measured the level of interest among gamblers and non-gamblers alike. The tabulated results of…


A Trademark Application is filed.

Having used the name PHRAZZES informally for some time to broadly describe the Alphanumeric Lottery and Slots game concepts, the decision was made to formalize the name for branding purposes.  The Standley Law Group filed a US Trademark Application with the USPTO.

Top Gaming industry Attorney hired.

Phrazzing Games, LLC signed a Letter of Engagement today with Barth F Aaron, Esq of Reno, Nevada. Mr Aaron is a very well known Attorney with experience including The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and has held positions as General Counsel for several gaming manufacturers and operators.

Non-Provisional Patent Application filed.

Following a significant period of time for careful and detailed drafting of the Disclosures, Claims and Drawings, Matthew Schonauer of The Standley Law Group filed a Priority Track One Non-Provisional US Patent Application for an “Alphanumeric Lottery System and Game” for the Inventors Gary Kadlec and Craig Sedoris and the rights were Assigned to Phrazzing…


Phrazzing Games, LLC

Gary Kadlec and Craig Sedoris filed an Article of Organization in the State of Ohio.  The new business is Phrazzing Games, LLC.  The new company, based in Powell, Ohio is in the early development stages of a new series of Alpha Numeric Games.  The duo recently filed a provisional patent and has assigned the patent…


Prior Art research completed.

Express Search of Alexandria, Virginia was hired and completed the search of USPTO Published Records. Their search discovered no similar concepts and The Standley Law Group opinion is that the gaming concept looks to be both novel and patentable. The decision was made to proceed with the preparation of a Non-Provisional Patent Application.

Top Intellectual Property Law firm hired.

Kadlec and Sedoris signed a Letter of Engagement with The Standley Law Group to begin preparation of a Provisional Patent Application and formal research into prior art covering the game concepts.  Standley Law is located in Dublin, Ohio and Associate Matthew Schonauer begins the project.