Clean, Modern Design

We’re appealing to all lottery players including a younger audience who just doesn’t connect with crowded design, tiny letters and paper tickets. Our design is clean, Web 2.0, and already familiar to our targeted population.

Endless Variations

No two games are quite the same! The Player sets the PHRAZZE and the game turns it into completely a completely random arrangement. No patterns — just a good clean game of chance.

Player Generated Ticket

Today’s players are used to setting their own terms and co-creating the gaming experience. PHRAZZE$ SCRATCHEZZ brings the Player inside the game, making him both Author and Player at once.



Lottery Scratch Off Games – matching YOUR Emotional PHRAZZE.


Answers to all of your questions about this new and exciting game concept.

Does your company have other games available for play other than PHRAZZE$?

No we do not. This concept of player choice Alphanumeric Games is a new concept in gaming and we are focused on just this concept.

Do you have a game version on Itunes?

Yes, you can download  Free iOS app on iTunes.

Is there a different Payout if I match part or all of my PHRAZZE in the same color?

No, not in this version but there likely will be in future versions

I am slightly confused. What is on each reel?

Each reel has ONLY the characters in the PHRAZZE you are playing; one in each of the three colors on the wheel, and three “ZZ” Wild Characters. And like the other characters, there is a ZZ in each color.

What other PHRAZZE$ games do you have that I can play?

This is the only game we have developed to an initial release stage but have many other concepts in early stages.

I tried to play a certain word and I was not allowed. Why is that?

Because Slot play is very public in Casinos, we have developed an optional Character Sequence Recognition feature so that words that might be offensive in public cannot be played. We have included it in this early version for testing purposes.

Can PHRAZZE$ be played for real money online anywhere?

No. This game is not available anywhere currently for real money play but we expect it will be in the future. Currently in the US online gambling, called iGaming, is only legal in Nevada, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

Why can’t I play the same character twice or more in one PHRAZZE?

You likely will be able to in future versions, however the payouts will be reduced accordingly.

I wish that I could play a longer PHRAZZE? Why is my choice restricted to only 6 characters?

There will certainly be versions coming out that will allow you to play longer PHRAZZE$. They will be more challenging, but will have higher payouts with more characters to match.

Looks like fun! Can PHRAZZE$ be played at my casino?

Not yet, but soon as we are working on that.  There is some development and regulatory approval time involved

Why are my choices limited to these 40 Characters?

This is just a basic prototype but the gaming platform is very flexible so there is no reason that in the future you will not see games allowing more choices of characters, emoticons and many others.

What makes PHRAZZE$ SLOTZZ different from other Vegas-style games?

PHRAZZE$ SLOTZZ is the ONLY game we know of that allows the player to create their own lucky phrase by entering a custom PHRAZZE. It can be something meaningful — the name of a child or significant other, a favorite pet or car — or just a random assortment that seems right at the moment. Whatever her mood, she has over 2 Billion potential choices.

How does the player win the game?

When play begins, the game randomly fills in the six game reels with only the characters from the player’s PHRAZZE.  Each reel gets three of each character — and three Wild ZZ! If three or more of the characters end up in the right slot, it’s a win.

Surveys show strong interest

Gen Y
High Income
New Gamblers

Characters in a PHRAZZE

Available Characters

Possible PHRAZZE$


PHRAZZE$ SLOTTZ is ready to set the world of slot gamers on fire. Here’s what’s going on.


The early reviews are in, and players love the game! Just listen to what they have to say.
Super fun to play (over and over and over again!) and very easy to navigate! I've never been one to have "lucky" numbers, but I have always loved meaningful words and short quotes. That makes this game way more intriguing for someone like me than the traditional slot games :).
Lindsay D
Lindsay D, 26. New Albany, OH
What a great game!  Kudos to Craig and Gary for coming up with such a great concept in the gaming world.  It is easy to play and very addicting!!
Lorrie W
GREAT GAME!!! I play a LOT of slots, both online and when I visit casinos. This game is unique that I get to choose my own lucky phrase, and try different ones.  This gives it a friendly feeling right away!
Played PHRAZZE$$  for the first time this past weekend---loved it! I really like that I can personalize the winning word --- makes it that much more fun when I win.  And I can't stop because  I want more!!
I love this game! It's much more fun to play the words I choose. When I win it's much easier to understand!
Lisa Dodrill
It had that "hooked" feeling. By that I mean that it made me want to play more because I thought I should hit a winning line more often. Should keep people coming back for more. I'd think gamblers, and therefore the casinos, would love it.
Gordon S
What a fun slots game! I love the ability to change up the phrase I'm playing. When I lose my luck on one phrase I just start with a new one -- it's almost like changing games each time. My wife and I like to compete using our own "lucky phrases". I'll be back to play again!
Andy Wollen
Game Developer
Personal, Easy to Understand, Addicting! When I do gamble, it is slots and I always look for ones that subject matter is of interest to me so this is perfect! Since I am not an avid slot player, when I do pick a machine to play, it takes a while to understand what is going on. This is so easy to understand which makes it engaging and I will play it longer. Would love as a game on my kindle fire too!
PHRAZZES adds a whole new twist to the slot machine experience and it feels like the game was built just for me!  I love that I can play any of my daughters' names and win money doing it.  I was cracking up imaging the PHRAZZES I could use to get a good laugh!  Very, very cool, I will play again and again.
Bill E
Business Owner
Love it!!!
Amy Stanton
Looks interesting are you looking for investors?
Jeff McCabe
Sales Manager
Sounds like fun.
Chris R
Insurance Broker


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